A track created from all around the world. Underlying Nujabes influences are laced through this track, from the melodic jazz piano to the mellow vibe, so if you are a fan of that nice, sentimental Hip-Hop you’ll like this. Bakoda is the new pseudonym of Evan Awake, someone who I have talked about at length previously and I’ve met few who has Hip-Hop nailed down in philosophy, music and taste moreso than him. Joseph Jacobs has been less prominent but he caught my ear with a real nice track a few months back, and I gotta confess this is the first I’ve heard of Cin Side but if he’s vibing with the other two then he’s worth knowing. More info after the jump.

Bakoda, Joseph Jacobs & Cin Side – Aurora Corona

 This kind of felt like a live jam session for me when we were producing this track. Joe is a very humble yet talented musician and Cin is also a very nice person and great producer (especially when it comes to drums). This was actually planned to be released with the next Bakoda album. But working on my current project The Tale of Bakoda is a lot more work than I thought so you guys can listen to the result of our little fun collab a bit earlier. Support these guys!

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