BA Badd drops this very timely record to mark the present ongoings in America and particularly with the death of George Floyd and the ensuing uprising. It is no longer news that this protests happening in America has gathered great momentum and spread across the world. This is what informs ‘Dessaline Flows’ to document and also give a personal account of the situation on ground. This is the culmination of Badd’s experiences and emotions on systemic racism in America boiled down to just under three minutes. BA Badd adds that:


“I haven’t really done any long posts or comments on social media over the past few weeks; this is how I chose to express what I am feeling. My brother and I were at the protest in Buffalo on Friday. Afterwards we were driving around playing beats and I really put together that first verse while watching out the window. On Monday an SUV drove through a line of cops, hitting two of them a few blocks from where I live.  We had Police on the rooftops firing rubber bullets into the streets. When I woke up, that last verse wrote itself in minutes. I had to get this out right away.”


BA Badd is not the only lone voice in the wilderness as regards this issue which makes the point he is making all the more poignant. Still, you can stream more of the rapper’s music on Soundcloud and follow his journey on Facebook, Twitter and instagram.

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