Jevon drops this very introspective cut to share his personal pain with the killing of George Floyd. “Can’t Breathe” is the outlet the rapper has chosen and you can hear raw emotions on this song. Jevon puts it in context when he says of the song:


“As an African American from Los Angeles County, California, Ive experienced first hand the profiling, harassment, and mistreatment at the hands of a corrupt justice system. In light of the recent events (RIP George Floyd) that sparked protest and riots in every state in my country, I felt obligated to make a song from the prospective of Black person living in America. Im hoping that this song becomes big enough to become a voice for Blacks who feel silenced.”


Jevon is a Los Angeles county MC/Producer. Moving between Los Angeles and Moss Point Mississippi, ultimately influenced his style of west coast lyricism and birthing his love of southern/trap influenced beats. He spent his youth studying the hardcore MC’s in the Golden Era of hip-hop; resulting in his masterful flow over any style of production. Jevon would release a number of underground mixtapes, until finally forming his own independent record label “Seminar Music Group INC” (aka SMG) in 2011.

In 2012 he released his first independent album “Friday” in reference to the classic movie also titled “Friday”. Jevon would then go on to release a handful of projects over the years. 2017 would bring forth a new era for rapper as he would release his 2nd independent album titled “Trap Saiyan”, completely self produced. This album would be themed around the anime “Dragon Ball Z” cleverly fused with Los Angeles street life.

Taking a break from music, Jevon would return to the music scene January 1st, 2020 releasing his second installment titled “Trap Saiyan 2”. This come back project would boast better production yet the same pin point delivery on the Mic. Expect to hear more lyrics that inspire and beats that move, as He continues on his journey as an emerging artist.

These are trying times especially for Black people and it is no surprise that a lot of internalized pain is pouring out.  Jevon is on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook so make sure to connect with him on there.

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