Swiss singer/songwriter AY Wing shares a new single “Lift Me Up” which is the first of her 3 single series. The anthemic record slowly builds up as it rises with its pulsating funky bassline, lush textures, and the singer’s commanding sultry vocals.

The track is a call to action for her fellow women folk to tap into their inner strength and find that impetus to come together for a collective goal. It also aims to inspire listeners to not give in or give up especially in this crazy era filled with unrest, pandemics, and global crisis. AY Wing is in her element as well and delivers a gripping soulful performance with motivation-filled lyrics that everyone can rock with.

“Lift Me Up,” from the upcoming EP, Cycle will encompass the various stages of the female cycle, while calling for solidarity and striking a balance between masculine and feminine ‘cycles’ of society. Each of the three songs will be accompanied by live session/music video hybrid visuals, which were produced by a team of 25 womxn at Berlin’s Oatmilk Studios earlier this year. The video for “Lift Me Up” will follow a couple of weeks after the song’s release on 25th June 2021.


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