Blacktivity – Knuckle Sandwich

It’s always a pleasure to discover new music by Shade Cobain, who is definitely among my favourite producers. He very recently released the long-awaited TEARS, which I highly recommend in case you missed it, and he is already working on different projects.
One of those is this new collaboration with MC Illtone, with whom he formed the group Blacktivity. They are currently working on an EP, which will be released on November 1st, and they are now offering the lead single as a free download. In their own words, Knuckle Sandwich “brings the fun back to lyrics, with quirky punchlines along to a bouncy beat”, which is of course always appreciated. The title itself suggests such laid-back, funny approach and it’s quite interesting to hear yet another different style of instrumental by Shade Cobain. Stay tuned for more from Blacktivity!

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