Rashad – Brand New

A Couple months back encountered a piece of lyrical justice amongst the hiphop debris, Mc by the name of “Rashad” his whole East coast steelo of spit..His style would say took me by surprise and as it sounded more influenced of that of the golden era of hiphop/rap say what you will.. but all in all..The track Brand new is off “The Element of Surprise” the new album set to drop soon and the whole album is back dropped by the composer by the name of “Confidence”..It’s indeed an iconic venture of sound through a revamped style of what has been descripted…You can hear the full album snippets on youtube as it dropped a few days ago…FIRE!!! But all in all would like to throw out a BIG SHOUT TO CONFIDENCE FOR THIS EXCLUSIVE LEAKER OFF THE ALBUM AND PROVIDING WIB TO UNVEIL AND POST IT UP PROPER!!! THIS RIGHT HERE A TIMELESS PIECE OF AUDIBLE POETRY FOR THE MASSES!! BANG THIS PROPERLY AND SUPPORT!! GHEEEAAAAA!!


Confidence: Twitter


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