MED – Outta Control feat. Hodgy Beats

A track off the upcoming MED album Classic:

MED speaks on the meaning of the new album’s title, “I called the LP Classic because that’s the approach I took: create music that has the potential to be played by every generation. This album deals with current issues, personal and within the community. Good-feeling music will always last and allow hip-hop to grow. Even though I recorded well LP was to do the music that I love to do but at the same time show growth.”

You can read a lil more on the album here, to be released on Stones Throw. This track in particular has production from Madlib and a feature from Odd Future’s Hodgy Beats, one of the lesser stars of OF but just as good as anyone in it; for him personally working with Madlib was a life goal. From nowhere to this, the way OF’s blown up has just been nuts.

MED: Stones ThrowTwitter

Hodgy Beats: Twitter


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