[wpaudio url=”http://wordisbond.data.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/Love-Story.mp3″ text=”Mecca:83 – Love Story” dl=”0″]

After the release of the amazing The Life Skectches EP a little while ago, Manchester based producer Mecca:83 (aka Rise) comes back to offer a beautiful sonic gem entitled Love Story. The single lives up to the expectations we could have when reading its name and it is a very nice end of summer soundtrack, which gives a most welcome feeling of peace. The different experimental elements, with the synths, create a spacey atmosphere, while the warm piano notes and samples provide the “love” touch. It is also the kind of track that calls for a replay (or two, or three…). Love Story is available on a name your price basis, but support is recommended and always appreciated.


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