Some fireeee from Hodgy Beats outta Odd Future and Jonti at Stones Throw. ‘Something recorded last night’ says Stones Throw. Not bad for a nights work.

Hodgy’s been working with Stones Throw a fair bit recently, after featuring on a Madlib produced track on M.E.D.’s album Classic he hasn’t stopped there. Hodgy is the type of MC that’d appeal to Stones Throw, mad smooth flow and lyrics, so with the profile he’s gotten from the blow up of Odd Future it’s nice to it coming to something that could be quite big. For a few months now I’ve been saying that Mellowhype (Hodgy Beats + Left Brain) was my favourite OF act so personally I’m pleased to see this. Hope ‘Numbers’ from Mellowhype drops soon. Check previous posts on Hodgy Beats here.

Jonti produced the beat and it is FIRE. I’d posted a couple of his tracks up on WIB before and I wasn’t sure how they’d be recieved but here you can see he has a real taste for Hip Hop production. Beat’s smooth as hell. His album drops the 18th of October.

Jonti: Stones Throw Twitter

Hodgy Beats: Twitter Tumblr


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