Fresh from dropping a collab beat tape with Breezewax Evan Awake, a German producer who focuses on mash ups but makes his own beats, dropped this mix, his first. It’s a dope 40 minute journey through the kind of music he likes, alotta funky, jazzy hip hop that you might expect from him like Nujabes, supplemented with a bit music from other genres too. This is just Side A of the tape, no doubt he’ll put up Side B pretty soon so keep an eye out on his Youtube channel for when it does, and while your there download his albums. Nice stuff man, and of course credit to the artists featured too, can’t make a good mix without good music.


Evan Awake: Youtube


Tracklist After The Jump…

A1 Smoove – Ceefax
A2 Pretty Lights – Understand Me Now
A3 Nujabes – Tsurugi No Mai
A4 Mos Def – Quiet Dog
A5 Jazztronik – Real Clothes
A6 Tycho – A Circular Reeducation
A7 Prefuse 73 – Southerners-Interlude
A8 Nujabes – Blessing It Remix (feat. Substantial and Pase Rock)
A9 Bias – Street Of Life
A10 Kenmochi Hidefumi – Rubbers Rock
A11 FK – Another Reflection (Seaside Dusk in Kamakura Rework)
A12 Midicronica – San Francisco
A13 RJD2 – Someone’s Second Kiss
A14 Force Of Nature – Same Ol’ Thing
A15 Minus 8 – Make Your Day (feat. Miriam S)
A16 Flevans – Small Room Syndrome

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