JOMO is an Atlantic City rapper whose musical credits include CBS television show “JAG” and the motion picture “Battle Scars.” He’s earned several radio spins in his home city and is a frequent performer at “Slaughterfest,” Atlantic City’s largest street festival. When he’s not spotted around the garden state, you can find him in the lab honing his skills. The influences on JOMO’s latest 8-track EP “What I Want” range from West Coast’s 2Pac to the Fugees’ Caribbean universe. The 90s club beat on “What I Want” (Prod. William “WhiteKeys” Harding) reaches a throaty groove that makes for great driving music. “Jersey Strong” has a similar street style, and contains the musical pungency of a roasted java brew. In fact, almost all of the tracks goes down smoothly, wetting the whistle when needed the most. There are a few crunchy spoon fulls, like the self-congratulating “Cocky” and “LaLa,” which I listened to while eating breakfast and prepping for my Saturday off. The funkiest beat is absolutely featured on “I’m SO Ole’ School” and it was a nice change of pace from the rest of the grittier stuff on the EP. JOMO’s definitely got longevity power in this industry. The best artist pull from life experience, and JOMO has a great mix of real experience with the stuff of dreams. Listen to the rest of the EP below.

Posted by Jessica Helen Brant



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