I’m convinced you’ll be hooked after listening to this cypher posted by TeamBackPack. It’s spit by the members of The Sorority, a Canadian rap crew comprised of Toronto’s best: Keysha Freshh, Lex Leosis, Haviah Mighty, and Phoenix Pagliacci. The audio was posted on International Women’s Day last year, and the verses are ferocious. You have to listen to it all of the way through though, or you’ll miss some murderous lines:

“I’m really not the type to come at other rappers’ necks, more the type to take money off of other rappers’ checks.”

“I’m only talking on the record if it’s facts man, only fucking if you don’t eat it like pac man.”

“Shout out my sisters with them motivated metaphors, who pay them brothers the attention that they can’t afford.”




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