Genre fluid artist Artistnameleon showcases his new song titled “GO” which blends trap soundscapes and R&B styled melodies. The Georgia native has a solemn, laid-back vibe that is quite alluring and strays from the expected.

Artistnameleon returns with heartfelt melodies and introspective raps painting the picture of the ups and downs of his career. With tracks like “Overdue” and “All Good” he expresses his love for his hometown Valdosta (south side), while keeping true to his sound with heavy R&B influences. You can hear the progression in his artistry with tracks such as “Not the Same” featuring up and coming Toronto singer Keanu Richal and club bangers like “Go”. Bringing fans major late-night vibes with “No Secrets” and chillwave anthems like “Real Ones”, it’s only a Matter of Time before this rising star blows up.

Artistnameleon, is an independent recording artist based out of LA. With no label or investors, he put his entrepreneurial mindset to use and launched a t-shirt line, ANL Tees, that sold out in a week before it even hit the online store. Listen to his latest EP ‘Matter of Time’ here:


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