Born and raised in Georgia, Ari-el’s music was influenced by other Georgia natives such as Usher, Cherish, and T.I. These artists inspired her passion for her to fuse Rap and R&B Genres. Her debut single “Self Love” sees her teaming up with Dee for a heartfelt and insightful love rap collaboration that dives into self-worth and looking deep within to find true love instead of external validation. Bolstered by a slick guitar-driven soundscape, Ari-el delivers her verses with intensity and vigour and her knack for relatable and evocative songwriting also makes the track compelling from start to finish.

Ariel attended SAE Institute of Atlanta, where she studied Business Entertainment. There she met Cappriccieo Scates, who encouraged her to pursue her dream of producing music. She also works with voice coach Dr. Daniel Grahams, a well-known vocal coach and Grammy winner. 

Stream “Self Love” on all DSPs here.

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