Well I can arguably say I have heard it all when it comes to music (especially rap) and in this era where people are clamoring for that so called “conscious music” in the wake of the overly pop saturated mainstream songs we are being “consciously” fed everyday. no thanks to the radio. The only other alternative is the internet, and yet that medium has its own cons that come with allowing every tom, dick and harry to be able to release a song to a world wide audience.

With that being said, we are presented with a new Archie Bang joint. On this thought provoking, meaty track called ‘Blasphemy’, he gives us a whole new meaning to the word contradiction.

“Friday, made Salaat, Saturday went to temple

Monday I’m bagging groupies getting h**d in the rental…”

The most interesting part is the ending where he samples that infamous dialogue from Devil’s advocate to accentuate his point of view.

For this week’s holy day of the week, step into the light with Archie Bang and music director, 12 Keyz. We all know no one can be a complete saint all the time, so bow your head and take a moment to listen to Archie preach with his “light saber rap” that cuts through all the bullsh*t of the work week, especially since it’s back to sinning on Monday. After hearing the trials and tribulations of the street life from Archie, get the even rawer version of life, aka God’s gag reel, straight from Taylor Hackford’s The Devil’s Advocate. Stay tuned for more leaks off Archie Bang’s forthcoming Never Say Die EP.

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