Apex Zero‘s latest EP “All Or Nothing” is quite short but immensely dense when it comes to lyrics and the subject matter being explored. Known for his fierce lyricism and rapid fire flow, Apex raises the bar with this project, as he explores societal constructs such as racism, self discovery, spiritualism and individualism while still kicking that good old hard hitting in your face raps we all love.
Musically, Apex keeps it really dark and gloomy. From the opening track “21st Century Enslavement“, he wastes no time debating the social hurdles and bureaucratic chains we are all put in by the world over a cinematic backdrop. Always in that lone wolf zone, Apex keeps the features to a minimum with Omeza Omniscient appearing on the second track “Painted Scripture” and the only posse cut is actually a remix.
In summary, The EP captures the artistic growth inspired by his travels both lyrically and sonically. It features collaborations with pioneering Chinese Hip Hop/Reggae artist MC Webber aka Raddam Ras, New York emcee Jackson Turner, Cameroonian/French Reggae singers UBC and fellow First and Last member OMeza Omniscient, with production from OMeziah, Frank Freeman, GI and In:Theory. The EP was mastered by Chemo and will be accompanied by videos from GlobalFaction and Simon Yu.




Watch “21st Century Enslavement” by Apex Zero below


All and Nothing is available on all major platforms, including:




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