Apathy thrilled us with the monstrous singles he dropped that herald the coming of his newest project “The Widow’s Son”. You can hear two of Ap’s favorite producers of all time, Pete Rock and DJ Premier, on album singles “I Keep On” and “The Order.”, M.O.P., Celph Titled and Chumzilla on the self-produced, “STOMP RAPPERS“. With that being said, the 14 tracks that make up this record demonstrate an artist at the top of his respective game, spitting dizzying bars and throwing out quotables that seem almost unfair. Part of it feels like he’s in constant competition with himself, his contemporaries, and his heroes—all of whom make an appearance on The Widow’s Son.

While much of The Widow’s Son may lead you to believe this is simply Ap at his highest form—and it certainly is—there’s also a deeper message to it all. He made this record as a dedication to his love for Freemasonry, because he’s a proud 32º Master Mason who takes his role in the community seriously. “Freemasonry is a self mission, but you come together with like-minded brethren,” he says. “It’s about being a better man, doing positive things, and making the most of your life. It’s something that inspires me, and intrigues me.”

Ap tapped into that dedication when crafting the themes that pop up throughout the record—a concept he says was inspired by some of his favorite albums (Midnight Marauders and 36 Chambers). “I wanted this album to create a cohesive feel, and have its own energy,” he explains “I wanted to inspire that energy through the intrigue and depth of Freemasonry. The album as a whole isn’t purely focused on the order, but it does has heavy themes that do focus on what it’s truly about.”

The Widow’s Son, is now available for stream and download, as well as all physical formats (CD, vinyl and cassette), via Dirty Version. Head over to the Demigodz online store for various bundle kits.

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Album Tracklist: 

01. The Spellbook (prod. by Apathy)

02. CHAOS (prod. by Stu Bangas)

03. Never Fall Off (feat. AG & DJ Mekalek) [prod. by Apathy]

04. The Widow’s Son (feat. Ryu) [prod. by Chumzilla] *Additional drums by J-Zone

05. The Order (prod. by DJ Premier)

06. Alien Weaponry (prod. by Nottz)

07. Hypnosis (feat. Brevi) [prod. by Messiah Musik] *Keys by Vertygo

08. I Keep On (feat. Pharoahe Monch) [prod. by Pete Rock]

09. A View of Hell (Hell Of A View) (feat. DJ Eloheem) [prod. by Buckwild]

10. Fist of the North Star (feat. Diabolic & DJ Eloheem) [prod. by Stu Bangas]

11. STOMP RAPPERS (feat. M.O.P., Celph Titled & Chumzilla) [prod. by Apathy]

12. Legend Of The 3rd Degree (feat. Tone Spliff) [prod. by Stu Bangas]

13. Rise and Shine (feat. Locksmith & DJ Mekalek) [prod. by Apathy]

14. Obi Wan (prod. by Smoke The World)

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