‘Tis the season of pure dopeness as OC and Apathy gift us with their full length collaboration project “Perestroika“. The project which boasts 12 tracks of edgy, hard hitting boom bap slappers is a showcase of pure unadulterated hip-hop at it’s peak.

Perestroika also represents some form of repositioning for the two underground titans as not only do they deliver that good old face slapping bangers but also touch on their personal lives even if it’s for a bit. The Soviet theme is definitely not lost in the mix as the soundscapes hark back to a time often forgotten by many.


Perestroika features Celph Titled, Slaine, Kappa Gamma and Marvalyss.


“When you do the knowledge behind the idea of perestroika, it all boils down to reconstruction. And that’s a concept we all relate to, whether it be socially, politically or consciously.” —O.C. on the meaning behind the title of his new collaborative album with Apathy



01. Live from the Iron Curtain

02. Tomorrow Is Gone (feat. Slaine & Kappa Gamma)

03. Soviet Official

04. Winter Winds (feat. Marvalyss)

05. Covey Leader to Raven

06. No More Soft Shit

07. Gorbachev

08. The Broadcast

09. Perestroika

10. STOMKILLCRUSHMODE (feat. Celph Titled)

11. What It’s All About

12. Globetrotters (feat. Jus Cuz)

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