Anuka is a song bird who has blessed our ears with this beautiful R&B cut. The budding vocalist and songstress delivers this heartfelt cum reflective song which is inspired by personal experiences. To sum it up proper, the song basically alludes to the fact that it is ok to acknowledge that relationships don’t always work out and of course there are ‘Options’ available just as the title of the song says.

Anuka goes on to share in her own words about the song that, “‘Options’ tells the story of how my imaginative mind kept thinking of ways to save my relationship. Even though I could intuitively acknowledge that the relationship was unbalanced, not wanting to hurt another person was prioritized over choosing what was best for me. Through the subtle electronic beat together with the acoustic instrumentation, I’ve created a fundament to vocally translate the overwhelming feeling of powerlessness I’ve experienced during letting go of my ex-partner.”


It is not strange to hear an artist speak to being inspired by life experiences but to say a whole album is dedicated to an ex is definitely a different kettle of fish. This of course is the situation with Anuka.


“‘Options’ is one of the last singles, leading up to an entire album dedicated to my ex-boyfriend. The length and ups and downs of our relationship have inspired me to really zoom into the different stages of letting go of someone you love. This song particularly strengthens me every time I hear it, since it displays so intensely how it felt to make the decision to leave a partner, a house and a 1 year old dog behind after almost a decade of being together.”


Anuka is currently creating a stunning visual interpretation of multiple tracks for the upcoming second album, to make sure that she will be able to share this big life-experience in multiple forms with the world.

You can also stream Options on Spotify so hit up the link then go follow Anuka on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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