Singer/songwriter Anuka has been a staple on our site and with each release, she further expands her range and growing discography. Her latest piece entitled Ode To My Ex is a 7 track project which serves as an ode to her partner of 7 years. The body of work dwells on her journey through a breakup, her healing process, and more.



The title track “Ode To My Ex” is a 6-minute epic heartfelt song that dives deep into her past relationship. The record is quite engulfing and is bolstered by mellow piano progressions, nostalgic strings that all blend into an atmospheric texture matched only by Anuka’s sublime vocal performance and evocative lyrics. She runs through different emotions and memories and shares them with listeners with a relatable approach. Tracks like “Options” and “Blank Canvas” run the gamut with their sparse and airy production styles while Anuka’s gripping vocals play the central role. Ultimately she shows personal growth in her depiction of what love was and how she felt before it all ended and also allows the listeners to be part of the journey of healing and finally finding strength in moving on while appreciating the experiences she gained.

The visual is as expressive as they come and shows Anuka in different phases of her journey from the doldrums. With each song having a different color motif and aesthetic, we get the feeling of an individual going through an emotional burnout and slowly pulling themselves out of it.

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