Peace to all faithful readers of Word Is Bond.

As mentioned for the past few days, today November 26th marks our 2nd Anniversary…yerp, that’s right we’ve been around just a couple of years. We are constantly surprised by the amount of people that is under the impression, that we have been around for longer, which is a GREAT compliment… fortunately we have been blessed with a faithful readership and in just 2 years we have managed to achieve quite a lot, more than we ever expected. And that’s thanks to ya’ll…we can’t thank you enough.

Whilst 2010 was the year that got us acquainted with the Blogosphere and how everything ticks, 2011 has been all about making a mark for ourselves, building our own lane in this blogging world.

We have presented exclusive albums, from artists we truly believe in, and worked hard in building a stronger relationship with artists and labels, that have grown to respect us as tastemakers, something we are truly proud of. We’ve also started covering events both in the US and UK…more specifically we’ve got to cover Rock The Bells, which is something that very few blogs get to be graced with.

Internally, the team is very organised and focused, much more so than 2010, the team has grown as well to accomodate our needs, and so has our knowledge on how to manage things. We still have a lot to learn, and we truly see this as only the beginning of many more things to come.

We have even bigger plans for 2012, everyone in the team is feeling very confident about our future, and believes that we can make a difference for the better both for the music and artists we support.

As a thank you to all the readers, for the love and support shown..the WIB team has put together “Sky’s The Limit” one hell of a compilation for you guys to enjoy. All editors in the team selected 2 of their favorite tracks of 2011, and the results are amazing. Some of the best up & coming acts presently on the underground, gathered in one album…FOR FREE. This is as a token of cofidence to you guys that we will be staying here pushing the bounderies for much much longer…so be certain that your time is not waisted with us…we are here to stay and “Sky’s Is The Limit”

To add to this….for the next 2 to 3 weeks, as part of our anniversary celebration we will be posting some more goodness for you guys to enjoy. Surprises galore. (keep it locked)

Hope you enjoy, this first gift, from everyone in the team to you. Thanks once again for your readership…it’s highly appreciated, and as always keep it locked for some more exciting news, right here on The Word IS Bond


(Thanks to all the artists included on this compilation)

•The Word Is Bond Team•

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Freddie Joachim – Waves
Intalek – Celebration

Josh Hey & Stainless Steele – Brew Session
Emay – Talitha Cumi “Fly Bitch”

River Nelson – Old Times and Good Wishes

Eric Soul 
Foci – Dairy Products
Thurzday – Los Angeles

Dela – Smiling From Up Above
MF Love – ode

Curbside Crew – We In this
Courtesy Of – Siempre Listo

HashFinger – A3.November11
Sufjan Stevens x Gift Of Gab – That Dress Looks Nice On You x Make You Feel That Way

Truth By Design – Steel
Indigo Kids – Sport Of Rhyme

Blacktivity – Knuckle Sandwich
e.d.g.e. – Overdose (Prod. Sinitus Tempo)

Osurek Betop – Wander the Planet
OMSB’Eats – Kela Kela

L Digz – Flow
The Good Sin & 10.4 Rog – All For You

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