This video depicts the lambent figure Andre 3000 with one of the hottest producers in the hip hop game right now in Mike Will Made It. The two have very different styles; Andre has crafted hip hop classics while Mike Will Made It is one of the new, pop/trap sounding producers who’s more known for his work with guys like Future and Ace Hood in the creation of temporary rap radio hits. It’ll be interesting to hear what comes out of this session – if we ever hear it. I’m sure that most of you (including me) just want anything new from Andre 3000.

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  • trendy_nigga

    For real,I absolutely agree with author.i’ve been waiting for something new from 3000 for a long time.this may sound funny, but asap rocky sometimes sound like andre.i mean his style is similar.what abot this collaboration-i’m sure that it’s going to de something really good.