Singer/songwriter ANASTÁZIE and producer The Musa’s Fleeting Visit is an experimental project that bridges more than a handful of genres that emanate from West Africa and Europe, Asia to North and South America. The project was produced by The Musa and ANASTÁZIE herself and showcases the duo’s versatility and unique style of percussion and groove-heavy sounds underpinned by vocals that are stylized in the alternative sphere with a touch of Western Asia roots.


“Hajime” is a rousing and multi-genre piece that blends tribal chants, and upbeat afrobeats drums with alluring melodic runs. The track has a lively feel with its use of parallel effects that offer depth and space in the arrangement. ANASTÁZIE’s commanding vocals play a focal point as both an instrumental of some sort and an accompaniment to the dynamic backdrop. The next track “Temptation”,  is a mid-tempo ethereal piece that bridges alternative dance-pop with West Asian flutes and futuristic dancehall elements. There is much to unpack with the layered arrangement but once again ANASTÁZIE’s sultry melodic runs take precedence as she effortlessly engulfs the cinematic backdrop laid before her. She delivers a mesmerizing performance ripe with whispered melodies and lilting harmonies that rise to a plateau as the track progresses from one section to another. The track features Skondtrack on it.


“Jungle” is another eclectic cut that lives up to its title with its edgy tribal drums, scenic percussions, fills and use of off-beat vocal chants. The soundscape is particularly engaging as it also employs a lot of sound design techniques and vocal layering that gives listeners a sense of urgency and intensity. The track also features KewuThe “final track Wildness” is a smooth pop-funk and dance-infused piece that offers something different and distinct from the previous tracks. While not as punchy as its predecessors, it is rhythmic and invigorating enough to get the job done while the melodies offer a relaxing and soothing accompaniment to bolster the track’s groove.


Overall, Fleeting Visit  is somewhat prophetic as it is short, impactful and leaves listeners yearning for more. In just 4 tracks that span about 10 minutes, ANASTÁZIE and The Musa deliver quite a remarkable body of work that lovers of afro-beats, bile funk, pop, dance hall, RnB and Armenian music would gravitate towards.

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