Rising rapper Amb1shn’s project Bars and Bops attempts to merge commercially viable sounds with engaging lyricism. Throughout  12 tracks, the rapper takes us through different phases in his life. From losses, wins, trauma, pain and love, Amb1shn shows us his true self.


From the pop sounds of “Slim Pickins” made up of bright soft rock guitar licks and mid-tempo grooves, he delivers a fast-paced flow with a playful demeanour to “Hidden Agenda”, a soulful piece ripe with warm textures, smooth vocal samples and punchy grooves. Here, he talks about blossoming love and the growing emotions between two individuals trying to figure out themselves. “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” is a sombre and reflective track that offers a glimpse into the past as Amb1shn clears out the proverbial closet filled with past transgressions. He runs through a Rolodex of old friends who hurt him in the past and comes to peace with his soul by cutting them loose and moving on with his life. This is followed by “Carpe Diem”, a moody and bouncy track that explores life’s journey and the need to make the best out of the cards one is dealt.


“Biblical Proportions” has a dark and anthemic feel ripe with a haunting choral vocal sample and punchy boom-bap drums, here, Amb1shn embodies his bravado spirit with hard-hitting and off-kilter raps like “My momma be looking at me like what have you become/Relentless in my pursuit/merciless in the booth, I’m sorry that was your cousin but you can get murdered too”. On “Guilty Conscience”, he employs an emo-trap soundscape. He uses a mix of sublime melodies and introspective songwriting to drive home his apology message while “Let It Snow” is a display of no-holds-barred raps.  The final track “Fall Apart” is introduced by a soulful melodic vocal sample and solemn piano riff before the beat drops and Amb1shn proceeds to share heartfelt lines that centre on the aftermath of heartbreak and reconciling emotions erupting from lost love and his musical journey. It’s the classic case of a career clashing with love and the moment one realizes that it’s over.




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