LA-based singer Alma Cook shares a heartfelt track that really showcases her vocal range and style in the form of her new single entitled “So Close.” The soulful record produced by Chris Thigpen and Wayne Matthews Jr has a classic warm 90s R&B vibe with its smooth textures made up of lush keys, alluring synths, and guitars to match. Easily Cook makes good use of this soundscape and delivers a gripping melodic performance as she pays tribute to that individual that got away. Far from being rueful, she is actually grateful said individual came into her life even if it was for a very short period.

Hit the play button and get familiar.


With the release of Alma’s 2014 album Tactics, her clever lyrics and strong vocal delivery drew attention from media outlets and independent radio stations across the country and overseas, landing Alma features in Popwrapped and Songwriting Magazine as well as airplay on stations like Radio Nova Portugal, Radio One Chicago, and Groundsounds. The singles that followed—”Hearsay,” “Surefire,” & “King/Queen”—edged her into a poppier style without sacrificing any of the lyrical wit.

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