So here is the deal; when the work of one of the most respected emcees transcends genres, then you know you can’t front on the skills and of said emcee. Christopher Wallace a.k.a. Notorious BIG is the emcee I speak of and Ali D is the entity that has carried the works of the late great beyond the hip hop realm into the world of Jazz. Coming out of the UK where he resides, this producer has his strengths in digging up jazz and soul samples chopping them 90’s style and you get to hear a lot of that in this project. Now people would call this body of work the Biggie remixes but I personally prefer to tag it as refixes. The jazz sounds gives the selected biggie tracks a very fresh sound that keeps it in that dated 90s era but still crisp enough to be in the 2015 period. I will be dead wrong (no pun intended) to finger a singular track as my favourite as I love the horns and the thumping basses but you never know.

Ali D first got our attention at The Bond with Everyday Struggle remake but little did we know a full body of work was in the offing and now he’s served us a plate full of Biggie remixes. The release, entitled Notorious JAZZ, features 10 classic Biggie tracks reworked with jazz samples. These are the selected tracks in the compilation that got a new shell the jazz way:

Can I Get Wit Ya
Everyday Struggle
Machine Gun Funk
Party & Bullshit
Dead Wrong
Things Done Changed
Big Poppa
My Downfall
Somebody Gotta Die

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