It’s Alex Aff, people, and he is back and armed – because he brings with him his full length LP WKWCII (Who Knows Who Cares II). The sleepless nights in the studio and hard work he has applied has brought to life the offering which I present to you today. With this on the table, you know your boy is going for the long haul. I have to wonder how old this guy is as the album is patterned with a conscious tip. Alex doubles as a producer and emcee on this LP and you can easily tell he has mastered the forms. Anyways, there’s 12 songs after the intro so you get to do a music fest on this; you can stream or download the album is basically a matter of choice but you can do both too. ‘Crazy World’ is the stand out track for me on this material. Remember he is a Durham dude and I see North Carolina slowing walking in to the spotlight.

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