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I’m a bit late on this one, but I wanted to share it with you, as it is a very worthy initiative that deserves to be highlighted. To give you an idea of what The Promise EP is all about, I’ll share the creators’ own words, which explain everything very clearly.

Chicagoland hip-hop artists Sev Seveer (Troy Brundidge) and Defcee (Adam Levin) have teamed up to release The Promise, a five-song EP by high school-aged rappers A.B. and Baby G. The EP is the result of two months of songwriting and music production workshops led by Levin and Brundidge in Oak Park, IL, and the first in an ongoing collaboration to lead further workshops for troubled and/or under-performing high school youth.

After creating their company, Organic Beat Market, “a tuition/lessons-based youth mentorship extracurricular program with a hip-hop focus” and lead workshops, Sev Seveer and Defcee decided to create this project with two of their best students and the result is quite convincing! Not only is the music very good, but all proceeds will serve to fund the program and create more workshops to help other young people shine. That’s two reasons to get the EP and spread the word about it.


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Defcee: FacebookBandcampTwitter


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