Decadense celebrates ten years of K-Murdock beats. The album is packed with rare gems for fans and collectors of the popular producer. The LP opens with a track from the “original Panacea”. K recently broke the news that before him and Raw P were a duo, he had formed a different project under the same name. For various reasons the album never saw the light of day. The production is similar to J Dilla’s “Emcee Squared” featuring Common in that its filled with weird and wonderful electronic samples. It is my personal favourite on Decadense and leaves me wanting to hear more from that hidden LP.

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Track two shows off the soulful side of Murdocks talents. Raheem DeVaughan worked on many tracks with K in the early part of his career and this is one of those collaborations. The album continues with “Love With You” featuring Malcolm Marshall. The production is a departure from the beats were familiar with. It is a stripped down, minimalist sound that features light snares and gently strung chords. Lyrically it’s somewhere between Marvin Gaye and Luther Vandross at their most daring. “Making Me” featuring Wes Felton is the most “Panacea” sounding beat on the compilation. It sounds a lot like production on the “Thinking Back, Looking Forward” LP.

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What’s quite nice is that K is openly sharing these songs as a thank you for those who joined his forum. It is a celebration for reaching over a hundred fans and an acknowledgement of ten years worth of production. Perhaps one day we will see a greatest hits compilation but until then it’s intriguing to get a sneak peek of rare Murdock projects. The amount of different guests on the album shows off the vast amount of work K’s been involved with whilst celebrating his versatility. Raw P appears on two songs, a remix of “Starlite” and the final song “As The Wheel Turns” which is of high enough quality to have featured on a Panacea album.

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Decadence will appeal most to hardcore fans and those of us that like to have everything that our favourite producers work on. K has put so much music out this year that I believe new fans should check out “12 Step Program” & “Forever Famicom” first. But if you’ve played those albums to death it’s nice to get some new beats from one of Washington’s finest.

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