2011 has been pretty relentless so far with album releases. We’ve had some treats over the last few months, and July is set to deliver some more underground jewels and a couple of summer blockbusters too… (Click the album covers to enlarge)

Kendrick Lamar Section.80 – July 2nd

Kendrick Lamar caught a lot of peoples ears last year for the right reasons, proving to be one of the dopest MC’s of recent times, and even beating a lot of big names to the punch on Detox’s final tracklist. From the singles released so far, his debut doesn’t look like it will disappoint.


Kanye West & Jay-Z Watch The Throne – July 4th

Not much more hype can be given to this than has already been given. Two of musics biggest artists come together for what must surely be a masterpiece. Will the gargantuan collaboration work for an entire album? Let’s see.…..


Headnodic Red Line Radio – July 26th

Producer extraordinaire Headnodic of Crown City Rockers and The Mighty Underdogs fame presents this goldmine of hip-hop music. Much like we saw with J.Rawls’ last joint, the guestlist keeps on rolling… Moe Pope, One Be Lo, Raashan Ahmad, Gift Of Gab, Sadat X, PUTS, Lateef the Truth Speaker and more!


Continue reading to see what else July has to offer…

Vakill Armor Of God – July 5th

After relentlessly being pushed back and forth, Vakill’s 3rd album is now seeing the light of day. Featuring the likes of Rhymefest and Crooked I, and production by Panik, Memo and Jake One, expect a strong display of verbal literacy and some hard boom bap


Declaime Self Study – July 12th

Stated to be a “wakeup call and a tool to raise the vibration of planet Earth”, this album looks to be continuing the visionary style of Dudley Perkins’ and Georgia Anne-Muldrows (who produces the entire project) uplifting, funk-hop sound.


Miles Bonny Lumberjack Soul – July 12th

The soul star from Kansas City drops his much anticipated release. Featuring both old an new tracks from over the years, and production from the likes of Twit One and Suff Daddy, this is undoubtedly going to be a hit.


Slum Village Fantastic Vol.2 Instro’s – July 12th

One for the beat junkie’s here. A limited deluxe triple LP with an enclosed poster. Some of Dilla’s greatest work inside, featuring the “Once Upon A Time” track with Pete Rock.

Jazz Spastiks and Jun Classics Mode 7 – June 26th

Queens MC Junclassic teams up with UK producers Jazz Spastiks for this 10 track deep plunge into jazzy hip-hop. By “creating a lo-fi sound that is beautiful despite of or even because of it’s limitations” the artists will let their skills to the talking when this drops.


Release date push backs afflicted the new Wu album, but that is expected this month on the 26th. Also on that day is the tentative release date of Detox, which will be dope if it happens, but expected if it doesn’t. Be on the look-out for continuing coverage, updates and reviews, and if you feel we’ve missed anything, drop a comment below!

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