Tupac – I’m Gettin’ Money (Configa Remix)

Tupac – Crooked NiggaToo (Configa Remix)

Ever wondered how Tupac would sound over Boom Bap…..well as it turns out, pretty deam TIGHT! As a Tupac fan myself…this got me felling all warm inside. An amazing tribute to one of the biggest figures in Black Culture. Well deserved, and amazingly crafted by Configa.

This album came about partly as a retaliation against so called “official” remixes that use “contemporary” beats that are the latest hip-pop fad, with guests that ‘Pac never worked with, and probably never would have, had he still been alive today. Also, it is a retaliation against amateurish, poorly organised, off-beat YouTube mash-ups that generally use the vocals of Pac, Biggie, 50 Cent or Lil’ Wayne. 

This album is made BY a long-time 2Pac fan FOR 2Pac fans, so if you ARE one, then go and order a copy. In fact, if you are just a fan of “boom bap”/REAL/authentic sounding hip hop in general, then you’ll love this album too, so again, go and place your order. 

I wanted this album to actually sound like a Pre-Death Row Era Pac, stripped down, less glossy and more RAW sounding…Like his vibe from 92/93/94, and I think I’ve achieved my aim. If you didn’t know better, I believe you would think this was an unearthed 2Pac gem. 

Anyway, please support this release if you love REAL hip hop. – Configa

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