New generation Brooklyn to Vancity rapper Aktu El Shabazz drops his classic sound over 18-tracks of a brand new mixtape titled F.L.O.W Vol. 1. With his modern take on an old school vibe Shabazz raps his concise and wordy flow over cuts produced by DJ Billy Bishop with features from Keysha Freshh, Jakub Evolved, Wax Monk, DJ Beton and HeatWave scattered throughout.

Tryin to make your bitch catch a vibe and just groove with it / but all these ladies want they music slowed down / Xannies fallin’ out they panties, puffin’ on a pound / bumpin’ Future / kinda ironic they don’t know that I’ma be the future,” he spits on “Bars,” giving an indication of the kind of cleverly brazen material he’s putting out on F.L.O.W.

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