NY Native Akinyemi is back with a brand new cut titled “Finna” where he explores a new sense of growth and self resurgence. Over the cinematic and upbeat production courtesy of Brasstracks, he shows the listener how his work ethic and detailed plan can take him from where he is to the plateau. He doesn’t relent on his past glories and lets the listeners know from the jump that he is still making moves and checking off his goals as time moves along.

24-year-old Queens, New York native Akinyemi’s take on hip hop reveals a fully self-actualized artist focused on his craft and asserting his independence. Dark and sinister beats serve as ambient backdrops to Akinyemi’s impassioned lyrics that explore his inner psyche and the pressures of growing up as a first-generation immigrant.

Akinyemi’s forthcoming debut album Warrior’s Fate (Ep. 1) (due April 15th) explores his internal struggle to maintain the culture and values of his heritage while also immersing himself into the NYC ethos. The result is a story that is uniquely his own. The album’s title, “Warriors Fate,” is a translation of Akinyemi’s name, which comes from the Yoruba tribe in his family’s ancestral home of Lagos, Nigeria. The album showcases Akinyemi’s unorthodox approach to life and what being a warrior means to him. For Akinyemi, someone who is a warrior doesn’t have to be strong, physically that is. Akinyemi focuses on mental strength on this record, touching on the empathic component of a warrior, which in turn has ignited the flame for creating as Akinyemi transitions into making music as his full-time job.

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