Queens bred emcee Akinyemi delivers a solemn joint titled “Eurydice“. Taking liberties with the Greek myth, Akinyemi weaves a heart felt fable with similar antecedents over a broody soundscape.

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Queens rapper, Akinyemi [ah-kin-yeh-me] is warming up this year with many new releases prepared. Gearing up for his summers EP, the young emcee is serving up a few appetizers for his fans, one of them being “eurydice.” Akinyemi informs us on the Greek myth story with a twist of his own, turning education into imagination. The record has an eerie opening and later followed by those nostalgic hip-hop flows where we repeatedly play back and ponder on the lyrics.

BACKSTORY: EURYDICE is based on the Greek mythology surrounding Orpheus. EURYDICE was Orpheus’ wife who was resurrected after he performed his songs for Hades (ruler of the underworld). But there was one condition: as they traveled back from the underworld to the land of the living, Orpheus could not look back at her as she followed him. So she could not lose his trail, Orpheus sang to her as they traveled but after some time Orpheus began to doubt Hades sincerity and so he looked back to see if EURYDICE was really behind him. For a moment he was able to lock eyes with her before she was pulled back into the underworld.

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