The folks over at NahRight were able to snatch up Action Bronson for a quick little sit down to discuss some things. Bronson had a lot of different things to say but check out this excerpt about Blue Chips 2

“Blue Chips 2 is 100 percent next. I’m not really sure when, but I’m thinking end of August, September. But probably closer to September for it to drop. I’m probably gonna do another video for Saaab Stories, then drop this Blue Chips 2 shit. Then drop the actual ‘album’ album at the top of next year that’s going to be on a major fucking record label.

“I was bullshitting [when I told Whoo Kid I was done with one producer projects]. I have another one coming with Alchemist, too. Obviously I’m gonna do them. I love these guys, I could never not work with them. Alchemist, we already have another project to put out. Me and Party Supplies had another project to put out right after Blue Chips came out.

I’m very excited about it. I’m excited about all projects, but [the] Blue Chips [series] is definitely one of my favorite things to do. It’s actually what kind of popped me off.”

Blue Chips is his collaborative project with producer Party Supplies and they dropped the first edition in March 2012.

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