Abgohard picks the baton and runs off the track with the release of his Yungpurpledick mixtape. It is exactly what the title says, weird, off kilter, atmospheric and of course adult oriented. The ODB comparisons start and end with his free form, sometimes singsong flow and out the box references. The soundscape however is definitely new age, the producers enlisted bring that surreal,dreamy,state of trance type backdrop for Abgohard to paint his most inner fantasies on and the result is pretty extremely left field and maybe too explicit for some of you out there but do dare to keep a open mind regarding Yungpurpledick.

Dare to try something different for once.


While many other artists try and be discrete with their intentions, it’s impossible to question the intentions of ABGOHARD with a title like YUNGPURPLEDICK. A cloudy, atmospheric project that relies on heavy sexual references and over the top subject matter; the album plays on the New York based rapper’s tried and true methods of experimentation and off the wall sounding material that is best enjoyed with your girl and a few brews. AB lays it all on the line for your enjoyment from beginning to end, resulting in a quasi-ODB experience that will be the soundtrack to your after party. With tracks like “Yung Tiger Woods,” Acid Time” and “Ass8,” the addictive, hypnotic, sounds are inescapable from the Inner City Kids member’s love for feminine features. YUNGPURPLEDICK includes guest features from Alvie, Mona Lisa, Supa Sorta Human, and production from the likes of Gregar and b00 Radley, among others. If you don’t already have a playlist set up for Valentine’s Day, ABGOHARD’s got you covered.  

•You can also get it on AudioMack:  HERE



01. Part 2 (prod. by Woadie)

02. So Wet (prod. by Tv nicks)

03. Damn (feat. Alvie) (prod. by b00 radley)

04. She Say, She Say (prod. by b00 radley)

05. Yung Tiger Woods (prod. by Gregar)

06. Lustful (prod. by Gamera)

07. Luv (prod. by b00 radley)

08. Too Poppin (prod. by b00 radley)

09. Acid Time (feat. Mona Lisa & Supa Sortahumam) [prod. Fantasycamp]

10. Ass8 (prod. by Rxmeo)

11 Ju Pheel (prod. by 4LL Souls Remix)

12. Ass8  (prod. by 4LL Souls Remix)

13. All Alone (prod. by h20sports)

14. Yung God (prod. by Yuri Beats) *Bonus Track


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