Marlowe is a rap duo made up of producer L’Orange and rapper Solemn Brigham. The North Carolina natives have been friends for years and have released two critically-acclaimed albums, headlining US & UK tours and capturing the attention of fans worldwide. right now they are prepping for their third album Marlowe 3, but in the interim, they share the visuals for the single “Past Life”. Bolstered by punchy drums, rich jazzy horns and layered textures, the track exudes a blend of the golden era of hip-hop with a modern twist. The charismatic Solemn Brigham showcases his unparalleled rapping ability as he dives into the duality of living underground and just above it.

The visual concept is engaging too and blends exciting visual effects with Solemn’s expressive performance style.


Marlowe 3 is due for release October 28th on Mello Music Group. Marlowe 3 is a culmination of the growth the duo has had from their previous projects and tours. Everything from the writing to the production changed in a way with both Solemn and L’Orange completely retooling their studios throughout the creation of the project. L’Orange states, “This album feels like a maturity to who we are as a group. We set out to make something that was big, energetic, fun and explosive and I feel like we did that without losing control. I feel like Solemn and I are the best we’ve ever been.”

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Order/Stream Marlowe 3 here.

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