22 and the Seen is a collective that focuses on the adult market in the R&B space. The collective is made up of singers, songwriters and producers who have been working in the industry since the mid-80s and with the wealth of musical experience behind them, they are bringing back that pure unadulterated R&B style that is both timeless and relatable. Bolstered by the incredible vocal/songwriting and production talents of Lea Reis and Val Watson(of Grammy-winning band Club Nouveau), who both composed, produced and performed on the tracks. I must add 22 and the Seen sure has something incredible and refreshing for R&B lovers. Their latest project Dandelion is a 3-track body of work that explores love, self-discovery and life.


The first track “Empty Nest” sets the tone with its uplifting mood and motivational themes that explore self-discovery and the emotional turmoil that comes with setting off on an uncertain journey. The production is slick, and warm and has a 90s feel while the vocals cut through the mix like a hot knife through butter. She sings “Standby, Mission Control/ countdown to zero /voyage to destination unknown, Are you ready for the free fall?” with much gusto as she prepares us for the aural take-off. The focus track entitled “Track Star” is an epic tale of the ups and downs of modern relationships. From the rosy and dreamy beginnings to the rough patches and turmoils that both parties encounter through time. She reflects on the never-ending race that comes with trying to make love work. She alludes to being a track star running to get to the finish line with her partner but there is always one obstacle or the other appearing in their way.


“Dandelion” is the final and title track of this short project. This is the celebratory jam that serves as the icing on the cake of this body of work. The blend of funk, disco grooves and rich R&B aesthetics makes this a favourite. Just like the flower of the same name, the track exudes pure summer and house party vibes that bring pure joy to the listener. The arrangement is seamless and each segment stands out from the mellow seductive melodic runs on the verses to the explosive hooks which then move to the funk-bass solo that brings everything together.


Overall, 22 and the Seen’s Dandelion is an ode to the past with a focus on the present. The subject matter covered is relatable regardless of your age so it doesn’t matter if you are 40 and up or younger. These are universal themes that lovers of good R&B music should lean towards.



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