Wishmaster is back with another fiery cut “Write Pages” that captures his fiery cadence and vivid lyricism. Bolstered by a flute-driven head nodding backdrop courtesy of producer Van Dam, Wish Master dives deep into his art presenting a wide variety of snapshots of his life peppered with bravado and uplifting lyrics. With lines like “Imagine all black youth could channel aggression into dreams, into plans, cash and collect it/trying to think outside the box I hope you get it? before it’s too late and you live to regret it” he implores the youths to make use of their precious time.

The visuals were crafted by Patch up Productions who take us on a trip down memory lane with Wish Master as the central figure. We get to see his growth from a child to teenager to his present state and even a flash-forward to Wish in an elder statesman setting. The video was shot in a section at the world-famous university in his home town of Bristol

“Write Pages” is taken from Wish Master’s album THE BULL (The Best Underrated Living Legend) available on all streaming platforms HERE

Get Bandcamp/CD version HERE.


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