NY emcee WillyRunsTheCity knows his onions and is steeped in the pure traditions of hip-hop. The Harlem representative recently put out his EP Through Thick And Thick and shares some stand-out records and a visual with us this week.


“Bacon Eggs and Jazz” is the first cut and is a jazz-infused gem ripe with lush keys, warm basslines, and the rapper’s vivid lyrics. He takes the listeners into his world and his work ethic and delivers his lines with an impassioned demeanor.

Get “Bacon Eggs and Jazz” on Apple Music//Deezer


“STANDOUT” is the second joint and is as cinematic as they come. Bolstered by a dark gritty backdrop, WillyRunsTheCity paints a vivid picture of his borough and exposes us to his daily operation. This is quite graphic and well crafted from start to finish.

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He also shares the visuals for the reflective song “Ahead Of My Time” where he delivers a detailed account of his life from his humble beginnings to where he is at now.

Get the EP Through Thick And Thick on Apple Music and Spotify.

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