Back when Evil In The Mirror came out, a friend put me on it with a solid recommendation saying that Will C. was “like Edan”. Citing one of my favourite artists worked like a charm and I immediately got my hands on it. This trick would work a couple of years later when people likened Willie Evans Jr. to MF DOOM.  Keen listeners of these artists though know that these comparisons are superficial, but it’s fair to say if you dig one, you’ll dig the other. You’ll also dig this new EP by Will C. called Almost Summer; a prelude to his upcoming LP Eli’s Prism. Continue reading for the download…


Will C.’s recent musical prolificness doesn’t end there though! He also put out a free instrumental project reworking a select few pieces from the Beach Boys’ discography, and provided a remix on the now sold out T.D.S. Mob remix EP by the Diggers With Gratitude crew (I know I missed out too). Check out the details HERE

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