We celebrate International Women’s Day with 6 hours of radio focusing on hip-hop’s better half.

This is our 5th Annual Women in Hip-Hop Spectacular and we kick it off with a special hour of music focusing on female MCs.

Mixset 1

Adrift Da Belle – Real Song
Stahhr the Femcee – Rhyme Fluid
Nitty Scott MC – The Learning
Vel the Wonder – Isiah’s Father
Akau Naru – The Backflip
Amy Kickz – A Smile
J Roz 1 – End of a Cycle
Miss.She.Ill – Champ
Lady ASG – To the Stars
Flava D – Give You My World

Mixset 2

Joie Kathos – Gone
Rah Digga – U Got It
Chris Jay – High
Akua Naru – Heard
Bakko – Emotions
Angel Haze – Supreme
DJ Efn ft. Sa-Roc – Power
Rita J – No Regrets
Apani B Fly – Strive
Ladybug Mecca – Dogg Starr

We will be podcasting a different segement from this special show every other day this week. And we’re live tonight again on your radio.

Stay tuned!

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