WIB Rap Radio: Episode 189 – The Solution by Thewordisbond.Com on Mixcloud

Here’s your solution to the wack hip-hop you hear on mainstream outlets, it’s Word is Bond Rap Radio.

I champion the independent hip-hop scene, sprinkle that with a few classics from back and the day, and serve it up to you every week on the radio and on the podcast.

I hope you enjoy the show and interact with me online.

MC Lars ft Kool Keith – The Dip
Lizea Harper – Tunnel Vision
Semi Hendrix – Think About It
DJ Format and Phill Most Chill – Angry Birds
Ngajuana – Frankenstein
Tempomental ft Nick Easton – Lost Touch
Animal Nation – Southside
Apollo Brown ft Masta Ace and Wordsworth – Money
Ancient Astronauts ft Pharcyde – Classic
El Gant ft Ras Kass and DJ Devestate – Razor Ramon
Abstract Rude ft Slug and Brother Ali – The Solution
Kenji – Another Day
Lords of the Underground – Lord Jazz Hit Me One Time
Marley Marl – The Symphony

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