WIB Rap Radio Hour – This is How It Should Be Done by Thewordisbond.Com on Mixcloud

Straight Music for the 78th edition of The Word is Bond Rap Radio Hour “This is how it should be done” mixset featuring . . .

Sesame Street Martians – Intro

Don’t you just love when the Sesame Street Martians discovered our radio program for the first time?

Professor Lyrical – How It Should Be Done

This guy is a teacher and a hip-hop head, just like me.

LMNO & Evidence – Yearbook

Nice team-up here for an entire album.

The Yancey Boys ft. Common – Quicksand

Dilla-produced track. Very nice!

PR ft Blu – We Will Make It

I still don’t know why Blu isn’t a superstar in this game. He’s incredible.

After.words – Maybe

Love the wordplay in this track!

Grand Analog ft. Shad – Rhyme Dropper

Grand Analog are back! And with Shad! This is awesome!

AZ – The Calm

AZ sounds like he is still in his prime. Can’t wait for the new album 20 years after the classic Doe or Die.

The Demon – A New History

I interviewed The Demon earlier this year. This is brand new music from him.

Canadian Winter – Choose One

This crew is from my hometown!

J. Nolan – What Goes Around

He was featured in our competition earlier this year. 

J. Shiltz – Grow Up

A track about pursuing a rap career even after everyone tells you to move on.

Marco Polo ft. Big Daddy Kane – Nite & Day

So love hearing veterans still being active in the hip-hop scene.

DL Incognito – The Chase

This cat quietly keeps putting out heat!

Teekay ft. Bedroc Oxtail – Sinista Prime Minister

A producer from Calgary put together a nice compilation of some local talent.

Madd Mary – Hunger Pains

Love hearing dope female joints!

DXA – All the MCs

Classic boom-bap sound with nice lyricism.

Ed Rowe & Concept – What’s Going On

And we close off the show with the winner of The Word is Bond Rap Radio Hour Contest. Ed Rowe was crowned the Unknown Underground Champion earlier this year. He’s back with a brand new album produced by Concept. The album is entitled Essenchill and this is a Marvin Gaye inspired track to close off the show today.

artwork by  ~Jaicca

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