Buffalo, NewYork Stand up and salute your MC…”Chaotik Kojima” also known as “Chaotik Stylz”..theWORDISBOND Fam would like to Introduce a raw and uncut thought process of an MC that handles the mic like a serrated pendulum..Effortlessly colliding flows with an assinating type of verbage enhancing every jazzy boom bap backdrop…Here are 8 tracks adapting to the real life of how we carry ourselves on day to day basis of struggle… “You Can (Not) Advance EP…. “OH NO THE DISRUPT” & DJ Romes (of the LOOTPACK) have been working on the complete project as you can see on the album cover entitled “Subliminal Substance LP” features appearances from heavyweights such as M.E.D, Declaime, Georgia Anne Muldrow, and many More. Completely Produced by Oh NO, the album is the becoming of Chaotik… it contains some of his 1st ever recordings, and you can hear the growth of Chaotik Kojima within its songs… this joint will surely bring Substance back to Hip-Hop!!!..MAJOR SHOUT OUT TO CHAOTIK KOJIMA FOR PUTTING WIB ON DECK WITH THE EXCLUSIVE AND OUR VERY OWN J FROM THE theWORDISBOND Fam FOR THE COVER ART WORK!!……WE ARE WHAT THE FUTURE BECOMES…THEWORDISBOND!!!….GHEA!


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