West coast collective Coincidence Bizarre are a band of eclectic, strange individuals that mix retro soundscapes with futuristic elements.  From my little research, the band members are currently unnamed and I have no idea who is exactly behind this group of left field music making acts. Musically speaking their debut project is a 4 track (2 songs and 2 instrumentals) venture that caters to a somewhat niche listener.

The 1st song “Invisible Man” sounds like something  straight out of “The Great Gatsby“. The 20s-esque instrumentation is heralded by a lone emcee who deliver off kilter raps in a booming voice backed by a pitched up back up vocals that follow him around like a little dust fairy looming in the background.  The 2nd joint “Shapeshifter” takes a whole different approach with its noir cinematic soundscape. The gloomy backdrop is accentuated by the vocalist who aurally shape shift her vocals to fit various emotions layered throughout said song.

I can’t say more but give it a thorough listen.


Little be known of these West Coast gypsies except they like their drinks unfiltered, their fortunes untold, their identities unknown and their music bizarre. Blown by the wind to far off lands where they tout their 808’s and Violins with equal fervor.

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