The UK-based underground artist who goes by the moniker Wave Noir (f/k/aburgerboywave) has found his sound and delivers two songs that showcase his rebirth.

The first track “Lonely Flex 2” has a moody and somber vibe that sees the rapper detailing his life as seen through 2020 where things were quite rough. He explains why he might be misunderstood and prepares to be by himself over the moody trap drum grooves.

Get “Lonely Flex 2” on SoundCloud.


The second cut we are looking at is entitled “Etro’s Kin” and it dives into the mortality of man and how we all have quite a short time to be here. He makes use of yet another melancholic but punchy trap backdrop to convey his thoughts. He also brings along vocalist John Alone who adds a soothing melodic run throughout the track.

Get “Etro’s Kin” on SoundCloud.


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