Singer/producer VivaOla teams up with Jua for this soulful piece titled “One of these nights.”  His style takes us back in time with this retro-tinged jam that fuses elements from r&b, hip-hop, and lo-fi music. The lush and warm textures make the track quite alluring while the sublime vocals take it up a notch with its subtle inflections and earworm melodies. The track is about a boy who fails to sleep night after night after falling in love with a girl and dives into the swirling emotions that come with such a feeling.



“One of these nights is the last song taken from VivaOla’s new mini-album, STRANDED. This album is a light concept album with each song written based on a different story centered around a sense of loneliness, isolation, and alienation. “VivaOla released his first self-produced EP, “Bloom” in May 2019 and he is also a member of Solgasa, a music/art collective based in Tokyo, Japan. Other members include Wez Atlas, Tommi Crane, and Michel ko.  Get it on Apple Music//Soundcloud and all DSPs HERE.


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