Vinyldigger should be pretty familiar to most of you, with a regular release of mixes demonstrating his dope taste and sweet mixing skills. For this one, a couple of dudes come to jam with him too.

In case you aren’t familiar with him, Vinyldigger is a real fresh DJ and has a load of good mixes. You can listen to him live on De La Soul’s Dugout every Thursday, 2PM EST.

Anyway it’d be a shame if a dude of such taste didn’t use it to its full capacity so it’s dope to know that Vinyldigger is launching a label, Variation Music, with a few releases already lined up for the next month or two. Vertual Vertigo is one such act signed to the label, so when they came over the pond to do their European tour they jammed at Vinyldigger’s home for a few days before starting. Now, put a few musicians in a room together and youll get something cool and spontaneous. Like a live performance on De La Soul’s dugout. So go check it out. They start about an hour in but the mix before is fresh, as per.


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