Emerging rapper TRIOMPHE makes his debut on TWIB with this solid single “Ends Meet” and it’s accompanying video to match. The song is a smooth soulful track that sees him exploring his most inner thoughts on wax with an unfiltered approach.

Armed with a smooth mellow flow, TRIOMPHE doesn’t shy away from his flaws and he pours everything over the soul-gripping backdrop. From a very reflective perspective, he opens up with lines like “I’m trying to make the ends meet/I’m fucking up my own seat..” as he draws the listener with his emotion-driven flow. He proceeds with more insightful lines  “…Gave it away and tap my own leash, I turned my back and chose the lonely…” to further show his intent as he soul searches from within.

The visuals do add some sort of urgency or suspense to the track with its smooth sepia-tone tinged aesthetics and cinematic cuts. Most of the shots are quick performance focus shots that displays the artist’s solemn outlook and demeanor in relation to his immediate environment. It also follows him on a never-ending journey as he continues to follow an uncharted path in the woods. It’s pretty unique and has a nice overall reflective feel to it.

Get it on Spotify below and on Soundcloud.

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